Data Conversion

Data Conversion is geared towards structuring unstructured content and information.


Saiber InfoTech is an innovative social enterprise that delivers high-quality content business process outsourcing services. Saiber has been converting content into digital formats for a decade.

We have successfully completed thousands of data conversion projects and converted millions of pages We convert any format of original content whether it is electronic or printed material into any digital output format. We implement the expertise of our SME in producing your deliverables with highest quality standards. We apply the process of scan, tag, index, label in preparing digital content for publishing to all output media types ranging from eBooks and PDFs to digital journals and websites.

• Range of digital sources


• formats for input or output

• Research and scientific data

• Legacy sources

• DTDs


Data Conversion is geared towards structuring unstructured content and information.


Image Processing

We are one of the leading outsourcing clipping path and Image processing companies offering a wide array of digital image processing services.

Ad Adaption For Print And Web

The biggest challenge that marketers face in delivering a successful local, national or worldwide ad campaign is adapting their original artwork to different sizes and forms of media.

Web To Print Solution

Newspapers want to focus their energies on creative projects and uncovering ground breaking stories. The creative departments want to spend as much of time as possible on data gathering and content creation

Outsourced Ad Production

We are a boon to companies with large volume requirements of ads. Most of these organizations are under tremendous cost pressures to deliver in tight turn times and demanding creative requirements.